Crafting Excellence Since 2002 - The Akmal Group Story

Discover Akmal Group’s legacy of resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment. Established in 2002, we’ve evolved into a dynamic conglomerate, leaving an indelible mark across diverse sectors. Join us on a journey defined by excellence, guided by visionaries, and driven by an unyielding commitment to your success.

Who we Are

Established in 2002, Akmal Group has become a beacon of excellence in the business landscape of the United Arab Emirates. Founded by Mr. Moidunny Kutty, our Managing Director, our journey is marked by a relentless commitment to quality and innovation. Over the years, we have diversified our expertise across various sectors, including auto spare parts, accounts and auditing, government typing services, garage operations, mobile retail, and apparel ventures. We take pride in our unwavering dedication to delivering unparalleled service and building enduring partnerships with our clients and stakeholders.
At Akmal Group, our success is not just measured in transactions but in the lasting relationships we forge. Our story is one of resilience, adaptability, and a continuous pursuit of excellence. As we navigate the dynamic business landscape, we remain steadfast in our commitment to integrity, customer satisfaction, and contributing to the success of businesses across the region. Welcome to Akmal Group, where our legacy is built on trust, quality, and a passion for excellence.


At Akmal Group, our core values drive our identity. We pursue excellence in all endeavors, conduct business with integrity and transparency, embrace innovation to stay ahead, prioritize customer satisfaction, and build enduring partnerships through collaboration.

Our Commitment

At Akmal Group, we are committed to being a trusted partner, providing genuine solutions, and contributing to the success of businesses. Our diversified expertise, global perspective, and founder's visionary leadership set us apart, making Akmal Group the preferred choice for those who value quality, trust, and commitment.


To be at the forefront of industry innovation, setting benchmarks for quality and reliability, and fostering enduring partnerships that contribute to the growth and success of businesses worldwide.


Our mission is to deliver exceptional products and services across various sectors, driven by a commitment to integrity, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement. We aim to exceed expectations, embrace diversity, and provide tailored solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Why Choose

Choosing the right partner for your business needs is crucial, and at Akmal Group, we understand the significance of that decision. Here are compelling reasons why you should choose us:

Expertise and Experience

Unparalleled Expertise Developed Through Years of Dedicated Service and a Commitment to Continuous Improvement Across Various Sectors Since 2002.

Commitment to Quality

Unwavering Dedication to Excellence, Synonymous with Quality in Delivering Top-Notch Auto Spare Parts and Meticulous Accounting Services for Client Satisfaction and Trust.

Authorized Retailer Status

Recognized as an Authorized Retailer for Major Auto Spare Parts Manufacturers in the UAE, Providing Genuine and Authentic Products, Reflecting Adherence to Industry Standards and Client Dedication.

Strategic Reach

Six Strategically Located Branches Across the UAE Ensure Easy Accessibility and Prompt Service, Offering Timely and Efficient Solutions to Meet Diverse Client Needs.

Global Export Wing

Beyond UAE Borders, Our Dedicated Export Wing Expands Akmal Group's Reach, Supplying Spare Parts to Other GCC and African Countries, Contributing to Global Business Growth and Success.

Diversified Portfolio

Setting Us Apart, Akmal Group's Diversified Portfolio Spans Auto Spare Parts, Accounting, Government Typing, Garage Solutions, and Retail, Ensuring Tailored Expertise for Diverse Client Requirements.

Founder's Vision

Guided by Mr. Moidunny Kutty's Visionary Leadership, Akmal Group Embodies a Commitment to Excellence and Innovation, With His Strategic Foresight Instrumental in Shaping Our Group's Success and Reputation.

Enduring Partnerships

Believing in Building Enduring Partnerships, Akmal Group Moves Beyond Transactions to Foster Relationships That Stand the Test of Time, Dedicated to Being a Reliable, Long-Term Partner.

Trusted Excellence

Choose Akmal Group for a Partnership Founded on Trust, Quality, and Commitment. We Look Forward to Exceeding Expectations and Contributing to the Success of Your Business.

Moidunny Kutty

Managing Director
Meet Mr. Moidunny Kutty, the visionary force behind Akmal Group. With a rich legacy of leadership, he envisions a business landscape where excellence is not just a standard but a way of life. His talk is one of innovation, resilience, and a commitment to exceeding expectations. Leading with a strategic foresight, Mr. Moidunny Kutty shapes Akmal Group’s journey by navigating challenges, fostering creativity, and building a legacy of success.

His vision extends beyond transactions, emphasizing enduring partnerships that stand the test of time. Under his guidance, Akmal Group is not just a business; it’s a testament to unwavering dedication, trust, and the pursuit of excellence. Welcome to the realm of Mr. Moidunny Kutty’s vision, where every step is a stride towards lasting success.

Discover the Akmal Group Distinction

Welcome to a realm where experience meets precision, and innovation converges with diversity – the Akmal Group Distinction. Established in 2002, our journey is not just a timeline but a narrative of excellence carved across various sectors. We pride ourselves on being more than a service provider; we are architects of unparalleled experiences.

Depth of Experience

Born in 2002, our extensive experience spans various sectors, cultivating a depth of knowledge that forms the bedrock of our distinctive approach.

Pinnacle of Precision

Precision isn’t just a practice; it's a promise. Whether it's delivering top-tier auto spare parts or meticulous accounting services, our commitment to precision is unwavering.

Global Impact

Extending our influence globally, our export wing connects us with markets in the GCC and Africa, propelling businesses to new heights on an international scale.

Holistic Expertise

Embracing diversity, our prowess extends from auto spare parts to professional accounting, government typing, garage solutions, and retail, ensuring a comprehensive approach tailored to our clients' needs.

Guided by Visionaries

Led by the visionary Mr. Moidunny Kutty, our Managing Director, Akmal Group is propelled by a relentless vision of excellence and innovation, transforming foresight into success.

Building Lasting Bonds

More than transactions, we focus on forging lasting partnerships. Our commitment is to cultivate relationships that endure, ensuring your journey with us is a continual pathway to triumph.

Ignite Excellence with Akmal Group
Your Path to Unrivaled Solutions

Embark on a journey of unparalleled quality, precision, and success with Akmal Group. Whether you’re exploring our diverse sectors, sourcing top-tier auto spare parts, or delving into professional services, we are your trusted partner in excellence. Let’s transform visions into victories – Connect with Akmal Group today and elevate your expectations. Excellence awaits.